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Services We Offer

dialogueProfessionally Facilitated Dialogues

The Zeidler Center stands ready to assist organizations, businesses, religious institutions, and neighborhoods by facilitating discussions that address pressing needs. We work with you to design and conduct dialogues related to a divisive event, an ongoing conflict, or strategic visioning. Contact us to set up an initial consultation about your group’s needs and goals.


 Facilitator Training

One of the missions of the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion is to train facilitators who are ready to lead productive and powerful conversations using the Public Conversations Project (PCP) methodology. We lead public trainings throughout the year, and also private trainings for organizations and neighborhoods who would like to be equipped to lead their own dialogues. After you’ve gone through our training, you’ll be invited to facilitate during the Zeidler Center’s upcoming dialogues. Click HERE for upcoming training dates and to register.

Public Discussionsthriving community

Throughout the year, the Zeidler Center hosts free, public dialogues on issues of importance for the community, including monthly open dialogues from September through May.   Sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed about our upcoming conversations.

In the past, we have facilitated dialogues on guns, racial reconciliation, interfaith dialogues, war, immigration, and segregation in Milwaukee to name a few. Some of our recent public dialogues include  Building Thriving Community: Beyond Segregation in MilwaukeeGuns: Changing the Conversation, and the Thriving Cities Focus Groups.  We thank all those who participated in finding a better way to talk about challenging and exciting aspects of living in Milwaukee!

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